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Medicaid Unwinding

Free Assistance Available To Help Wyoming Families Keep Health Insurance

Thousands of families enrolled in Wyoming Medicaid will lose their health insurance as eligibility determinations are restarted. Some who lose their coverage will qualify for special enrollment. Those enrolled in the program are encouraged to update their contact information, watch for updates, and access free assistance with re-enrollment from Enroll Wyoming.

From 2020 to early 2023, those enrolled in the Wyoming Medicaid program did not have to re-enroll to continue their health coverage. Normally Medicaid enrollees have to reapply and have an application accepted each year.

This pandemic-based policy has ended, and Wyoming Medicaid has started the year long process to review the eligibility of everyone in the program. This process is called “Medicaid unwinding.” Each month, roughly one-twelfth of the current Wyoming Medicaid population will receive a letter, text, and email making them aware they lose their benefits in 60 days if they do not reapply or if their application is rejected. Wyoming Medicaid started sending these letters in March and will continue for the following 11 months.

The immediate priority is encouraging friends and family on Medicaid to call 1-855-294 2127 or visit to make sure accurate contact information is on file. This way they are made aware that they need to reapply. Qualifying families could lose their benefits if they are not reachable.

Enroll Wyoming is available as a free informational resource to answer questions and guide people through the re-enrollment process. Many who lose their coverage will qualify for other low-priced health insurance options though the Health Insurance Marketplace or job-based insurance plans.

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