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Enroll Wyoming is a FREE resource to help you navigate the ins and outs of the health insurance marketplace.

A health insurance plan with savings based on your income. Most people who apply qualify for premium tax credits that lower the costs of coverage. Some also qualify for savings on deductibles, copayments and other costs.

Open Enrollment Starts In...

A big advantage of Marketplace health insurance plans is that they are priced lower than the exact same plans on the private market. There is no added cost if someone has a pre-existing condition. Marketplace plans all include 10 essential health benefits.

Open Enrollment Begins

November 1, 2024

Open Enrollment Ends

January 15, 2025

What To Expect During Open Enrollment

Open enrollment, which runs from November 1, 2024, to midnight January 15, 2025, is the exclusive period during which individuals can enroll in health plans for 2024 via the health insurance marketplace. Existing plan holders can also assess their current coverage during this timeframe.
This designated period is the primary opportunity for individuals to explore the marketplace and determine if they are eligible for extra cost-saving benefits. Even if you believe you may not meet the criteria for savings, we strongly encourage you to schedule a free appointment with a Navigator to thoroughly evaluate your available choices.

Get Local Help

Specially trained, federally certified, local Navigators are available throughout Wyoming to help you understand the Health Insurance Marketplace, review coverage options with you, and help you enroll in the plan of your choice.


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