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Native Coverage

Health Coverage and Native American Communities

Here you can find information about health coverage options. Don’t worry if you have questions or need help applying. There are Health Insurance navigators statewide who can help you through the process. Their help is always free and confidential.

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Wyoming Medicaid

Wyoming Medicaid provides a health coverage option for those who are eligible. To be eligible, you must meet age, income, and residency requirements, and be ineligible for or not covered by Medicare.

American Indians (both enrolled members and descendants) who are eligible for Wyoming Medicaid will not have premiums or copays and will have access to a full set of benefits including:

  • Doctor, hospital, and emergency services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental and vision care
  • Laboratory and X-ray services
  • Maternity and newborn care
  • Mental health and substance abuse treatment
  • Rehabilitative services and supplies
  • Transportation to appointments

Marketplace Options

Enrolled members of federally recognized tribes and the marketplace:

Using a special enrollment period (SEP), enrolled members can apply anytime throughout the year. Depending on their income, members of federally recognized tribes may be eligible for a zero cost-sharing plan. This means that there are no additional out of pocket costs other than the monthly premium.

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Native American Descendants And The Marketplace:

Native American descendants are not eligible for the same benefits as enrolled tribal members. Descendants may qualify for tax credits or cost-sharing reductions on the marketplace, depending on their household income and family size. Descendants don’t qualify for a special enrollment period that allows them to enroll anytime and generally need to enroll during open enrollment.

Using Health Insurance With Other Health Services:

Using your health insurance in coordination with other health providers such as the Indian Health Service or Wind River Cares may help increase your access to health care options and save you money. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind:

If you are seeing a provider in more than one facility, keep track of your health records! It is important for your primary care provider to have information about care received someplace else. Always ask a specialist or other healthcare provider to share your records with your primary care provider.

If you need to see a specialist or someone outside of your local Wind River Cares or IHS Service Unit, you generally need a referral if you want IHS/Wind River Cares to pay for that service. If you want to cover your own out-of-pocket costs, just make sure to look for providers and facilities that are “in-network” as it will save you money.

If you are able to access care through one of these health services, ask if there are any ways to save money. For example, can you get affordable prescriptions through IHS? What about imaging because you haven’t yet met your deductible? Again, make sure you are tracking your own health records if you are getting services from multiple providers and facilities.

Health insurance can be confusing, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!  Ask questions of the staff at Wind River Cares and IHS as well as the navigator who helps you enroll in coverage. In addition, you can contact your health insurance company if you have questions about your coverage and benefits. Their contact information is on your insurance card and the paperwork that was mailed to you when you enrolled.

Get started asking questions and getting the coverage you need by contacting an Enroll Wyoming navigator, Wyoming 211, or a benefit specialist or an enrollment specialist at IHS or Wind River Cares. 

How To Apply?

The best way to apply is to contact a local health insurance navigator who can walk you through the application process.

Not Sure If You Qualify? We Can Help!

Health insurance can be confusing, especially if you are transitioning from Wyoming Medicaid. Free, unbiased, confidential help is available. Connect with a navigator or call 211 to get questions answered and to get help enrolling over the phone. Or click any of the links below for more help. Whether you need phone, virtual, or in-person help, Enroll Wyoming is here to help!

Contact Enroll Wyoming at 307-240-9053 or molly@enrollwyo.org.

Find local help

Find a local health insurance navigator who can answer questions and help you apply for and enroll in health insurance.


Contact Enroll Wyoming at 307-371-6790 or bandagedan@enrollwyo.org.

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